Its official... I'm pregnant!!!

Anastasia • Inked mom to an awesome 7 year old boy!!

So this happened but crazy thing is AF was due today & that ain't happening for awhile & I knew it wasn't gonna happen 7 days ago when I took my first test & it came up positive faint but positive. I thought I was seeing things cuz I was a whole week early before I got my period I kept testing even during the day & it kept coming up positive I took my first digital few days after my first test & bang!! Positive!!! I was showing symptoms a week before I decided to test. I was having cravings for pickles, breast were sore nipples were puffy, I was super tired & emotional I cried over such little things. My husband & I have been TTC for 3 years & we didn't have any luck but we kept trying & didn't give up as much I wanted too cuz every month I kept getting negative after negative. We couldn't be any happier & excited!! I'm expecting our 2 child. My 7 year old son is so happy & keeps telling me he wants a brother then a sister.