None of my business

So today my church was delivering thanksgiving baskets to families. Not necessarily for people who are in need but also to reach out to people who’ve just started coming to church. Welcome gift as it were. Anyways, our pastors were out doing the deliveries and still are.

I just got a text from my sister and she said she them that her family didn’t need it. That they weren’t in need of it but the pastor delivering it seemed kind of insistent on it so she took it. She then drove it to a halfway house and dropped it off because she didn’t want it.

Now I’m kind of annoyed because her family does need it. They’re having a hard time paying bills and they’re always “borrowing” money from us and asking us for things. It was a gift and she OF COURSE can do what she wants to with it but I thought it was kind of rude. I also highly doubt she told them that the dinner basket wasn’t originally from her and took the credit.

I want to keep Anon so I’ll respond here. She doesn’t have anything for Thanksgiving and they can barely pay their bills. We just paid two of them because they were going to shut off their water and electricity. I had nothing to do with them giving her a basket. I love her very much and I’m saddened by it because someone was trying to do something nice for her. Like she kind of snubbed it.