Help deciding on a nail shape??


I need help deciding on a nail shape. For most of my life, I've had almond type nails or even slightly jagged nails because I used my nails mostly at weapons. Recently, I got really into nails and I'm getting my first gel manicure soon. A manicurist recently gave me my first squoval nail and I LOVE IT!!! It makes me feel so glamorous. However, I need to keep in mind that the reason I have long nails is less to be glamorous, and more for safety purposes (I tend to get in physical confrontations and my fighting style involves a lot of clawing). Squoval nails barely cause any damage.

So can someone help me decide on a nail shape? Should I go back to almond, or can I do just as much damage with a squoval? I love how squoval looks and how it makes me feel but I don't know if it's just practical for my lifestyle. Are there any ladies out there with squoval nails who have fought with them? What are your experiences?

I'm also considering a coffin nail. Ladies with coffin nails, are they effective as weapons?

My nails and fingers are mostly long and slender so both shapes fit it, but I'm deciding what shape for practicality's sake.

EDIT: for everyone asking if I'm serious, yes, I'm serious. Our nails are one of the most useful weapons we have. As women, we need to arm ourselves, and one of the best ways to do that is with our nails.