Can a hit to the stomach trigger contractions?

My two year old has started to fight his naps/sleep for the past week and a half. Hes absolutely exhausted and will climb up in my lap and I'll rock him and when hes almost asleep he will wake up super mad and start flailing and hitting and kicking. He picks his feet up and slams his heels down as hard as he can. Every blow always lands to my stomach so at that point I put him down and tell him he doesnt hit or kick mommy.

Anyways, this has been going on for almost two weeks and today while trying to put him to sleep for a nap because hes literally walking around with his eyes closed because hes so tired he slammed his heels down into the top of my stomach. A few minutes later I started getting contractions in my back and wrapping around to my lower belly.

Im 34 weeks pregnant and I found out yesterday that baby is measuring nearly 3 weeks ahead of schedule and I also have too much amniotic fluid and to be careful of possible contractions. I'm not sure if it's just my body getting contractions out of coincidence or if the constant kicks and hits to the stomach could be triggering them.