Problem breastfeeding now?


Since last night my LO keeps fussing when I try to nurse her. This goes on for 10-15 min so I give up and just give her an EBM bottle bc she needs to eat. Idk how long to keep trying bc she seems to just get more and more agitated. She’s 5 weeks and 4 days and we haven’t had this problem before.. she’s been using the same bottle and the same pacifier for weeks. Do you think she could have nipple confusion all of the sudden?

Update: LO is still being fussy but I’ve been getting her to feed for at least 15 min total from both sides... I only gave her 1 bottle yesterday. She did her whole 30 min feeding this morning around 10. And just got 25 min from her a bit ago... however she spit up, a lot. It’s been frustrating bc she was doing soo well, never had a problem, but I’m still trying. Not ready to give up breastfeeding yet!!