One thing after another 😓


I feel so overwhelmed right now all the things that seem to be going wrong for my baby girl 😔

She was born with an arm up by her face and as a result she fractured her collar bone. Fortunately she’s been absolutely fine it’s just been a lot with drs and physio appointments and we’ll shortly be discharged.

Then we find out she has reflux which is why she’s sick so much which is awful to watch in itself when she chokes and splutters and as a result she’s either eating sleeping or crying,

Then to add to the misery she had a hip scan on Monday which showed her hip socket hasn’t quite formed correctly so now she’s been strapped up in a harness that she will need to wear 24/7 for up to 6 weeks 😪 I don’t she’s phased by the position apart from when she tries to stretch out it but it’s already irritating her skin so that’s adding to her misery. Has anyone else had to have any supports put on their baby? Any tips on how to manage it? I hate hate hate picking her up in it because I feel like I’m making the straps (more so the chest) dig in.

I feel awful because part of me just wants her to feed and go straight back to sleep as all she will do in between is cry in frustration. But then of course I don’t want that because I want to watch her develop and be happy/content 😪