Annoyed: UPDATE

My boyfriend has yet to tell his parents that we’re having a baby, I’m almost 5 months pregnant. He keeps making up excuses on why he hasn’t mentioned it and honestly I’m over it. We’re suppose to drive to his parents later tonight and I was really hoping they already knew the deal before we got there, incase the news isn’t well received (they are very religious and believe in marriage before babies bs) they’d have time to get over it and thanksgiving wouldn’t be fucking awkward. But as usual he leaves everything for the very last min 🤬. The moment they come at me negatively I’m coming back home.

UPDATE: he told them today, and it went exactly as I expected it to go. His dad sounded excited, his mother not so much. I already knew it was going to be awkward as hell and this just confirmed it. So now I feel a way and we aren’t going because he doesn’t want me to be in that awkward situation. For all this I could have just went back home to NY and my family (I knew this would happen).

Update2: so we decided to drive to his family anyways. At first it was definitely awkward, but as the day went by she seemed to have warmed up to the idea (but she could also be putting up a front). So now that its our last day here she is definitely a lot more...... curious, like she’s asking how I feel, how far along am I, definitely cooked breakfast for me before anyone else. So we’ll see.