Do I have any cycle buddies?? Af is due Dec 9th! here’s my story...

We’ve been trying to conceive for a little over 2 years.. we tracked my ovulation every month and had sex on all the right days... about 5-6 months before I got pregnant I quit tracking because it was so stressful.. we found out he has normal sperm count but low motility.. I started taking these conception vitamins I bought from Eu natural website & I bought him the men’s conception, as we took them daily for about 3 weeks (not thinking I’d get pregnant the first cycle taking them) I was a day late for my period which was whatever because the month before I was too, my fiancé said I should take a test bc he had a feeling I was pregnant, well that line popped up right away as dark as it could possibly be.. so I went to the dr, they said I was 5 weeks and my due date was May 3rd.. we were ecstatic.. as we were trying for so long with no luck and these vitamins got me pregnant.. at my first ultrasound (9weeks) they seen the gestational sac which was measuring right, but there was no fetus (as they call it a blighted ovum) we were devastated as i sat in that drs office balling my eyes out for over an hour wondering why this had to happen to me, so at 10 weeks (October 7th) I had to have a d&c .. I bled for a little over a week, some days were rough as I was passing large clots , dr said it was normal.. we both started our vitamins again right afterwards.. I got my period back on November 9th.. (I’ve been <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> w tests since I got off my period) and on November 23rd I got my positive ovulation test and the line was so dark, I couldn’t believe my cycle was back to normal already.. we had sex on all the days near and on ovulation.. please pray for us that we don’t have a hard time conceiving this time around & that there will be a little baby in there!!😭

pregnancy tests @ 1 day late

ovulation test 14 days after my first period since my d&c..