Turkey Day Cupcakes Recipe 🦃

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Perfect to make with kids!

Yield: 2 Dozen


* 1 box of chocolate cake mix (plus items needed for cake mix)

* 2 cans of chocolate frosting

* 1 package of round nutterbutter cookies

* 1 bag of candy corn

* 15 Reese’s pieces or M&Ms, cut in half

* 15 Mini marshmallows, cut in half

* 2-3 twizzlers (red liquorish), cut in 1/2” strips


Bake cupcakes according to box directions. (Be careful not to overfill cupcake liners so the tops will be flat.) Allow to cool. Reserve 1/2 c. of frosting. Place the 1/2 c. in a piping bag or ziplock bag and cut a small hole in one corner. Frost cupcakes with remaining frosting. Place a nutterbutter cookie on top of each frosted cupcake. Put 4-5 candy corn pieces into cupcake above each cookie. Pipe a small amount of reserved frosting in middle of cookie to affix other candy pieces as pictured. Pipe a dot of icing onto marshmallows for each eye.

*Instead of marshmallows you could use candy eyes but they are so hard I usually avoid them if possible.