Still spotting

I had my d&c 11/16, I was 17 weeks. so 2 weeks ago this Saturday. I had excessive blood loss, almost requiring a transfusion, and the dr had a hard time getting my placenta out, however, was sure he got it all.

I had heavy bleeding while still in the hospital and into Sunday. Ever since I have had spotting, or only blood on the toilet paper when wiping, and sometimes I can see blood particles, not clots, or maybe they are tiny clots, in the toilet after peeing, but not everytime.

I know everyone is different, but does this sound normalish?

Is it safe to have intercourse with my husband at this point, or do I need to wait until there is nothing on tp too?

My follow up appointment is not scheduled until 12/6, so 3 weeks out from my d&c.

A lot of questions I know.... this is a first experience for me. Tia for any advice