Facebook randomly disabled my account without any specific reason given


Has this ever happened to anyone? I've had this fbk account for over 15 years I'd say. Its so frustrating because I opened the app on my phone and boom it says your account has been disabled. I had to use a form in the help center to try appeal it and who knows if I'll even hear back from them. I'm worried I'll never get it back and I live away from family and friends so it sucks all those memories down the drain. But I'm just dying with curiosity as to why it happened and they only say it could be a variety of reasons and show a list. How backwards is that? I didnt do anything out of the norm. I have this sick feeling that it is my SO's ex wife baby mama and her new bf because they both hate mg existence, my race, and everything gets blamed on me. So who knows... the timing seems odd. Have yall ever had this happen and fbk reactivated u? Wthhh Facebook?! Kinda b.s. app has alllllll your info but wont tell you a specific rule being broken and how to fix it. It may a personal attack against me and they dont seem to care.

UPDATE: Misery loves company I swear some of yall commenting are some heartless miserable people. My God!! I asked if it ever happened to anyone else. So some of the ignorance is not needed. Thanks in advance! 👍