how to fall out of love with my ex

My ex and I broke up over two months ago (not exactly three yet). he was my first love. I still miss him so badly and some nights I still sob my eyes out. I still look for him in crowded rooms and still hope he texts me and I’m so tired of it. I want to really, really move on. I don’t know how to make my brain stop thinking about him. He is affecting my life and he’s not even in it anymore. I don’t know how to stop romanticizing something that isn’t romantic. I want to accept our fate as strangers and not care what he does. I know he probably isn’t thinking about me and yet I still let him consume my thoughts. I almost feel like I’m going crazy. This isn’t fair and I’m so sick of it. How do I stop thinking about him??? I distract myself but even then my thoughts wander to him one way or another- even when I’m busy. Is this normal?? Will it eventually go away? I don’t know how to train my brain to get off of him.