Embarrassing Brazilian wax!!

Guys I’m so horrified right now lol I just got out of a Brazilian wax and all went well but when I got home and checked myself out in the mirror I noticed a huge...glob of discharge oozing out of me.

Cue a dramatic fainting scene.

I’m ovulating and tend to get gooey pretty easily so I made sure to wipe myself down like someone spot cleaning a Maserati and now I’m haunted by the thought either I missed this entirely or it happened on the way there or it happened while I was on the table. Either way I’m so embarrassed and probably never going to show my face in that salon again because I know they’ll be like oh here comes Twinkie girl again to leak her cream filling everywhere.

Kill me now.

Or. Please share any embarrassing lady part mishaps so I can feel less alone in my shame