Feel like im back to the newborn stages 😭

My LO just turned 4 months (EBF) yesterday and was sleeping through the night, napping well 2-3 times a day but for a week now she has been waking up during the night for 1-2 feeds or being completely restless. Her naps are shit and she wakes up 10 mins after putting her down ( unless held 😩) She is still swaddled. She kicks her legs up in the air and then turns head side to side while still asleep. She sleeps in her bassinet in our room.

We are working on the whole self soothe thing but shes not quite there yet. If she does self soothe she ends up waking up 5 mins after and then just cries.

I feel like we have gone backwards. Is this the sleep regression? Any tips on how I can get through this and go back to how it use to be?

Thanks in advance