Confused after mc

Brooke • ttc rainbow baby #1 🌈

Trigger warning (miscarriage)

I had a miscarriage November 8th and had a typical cycle but heavier of course. Ended the 12th and spotted for 3-4 days after that. I usually ovulate CD 16 or 17. According to my apps I ovulated the 24th or 25th (CD 18 or 19) but I feel like I ovulated sooner. Around the 21st (CD 14), I assume this due to my CM. So I’m either about 7 DPO or only 3-4 DPO. But if I just ovulated should my LH be higher than it currently is? I’ve heard it doesn’t drop down automatically after O.

EDITED TO ADD: my LH test strips arrived late so that’s why I started on CD 19