Rekindling a relationship

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up last week and I’m bummed because I really like this dude and I don’t want to live without him. I would normally get over someone who doesn’t want to be with me but we were not dating that long and we could’ve worked it out. He mentioned while breaking up with me he wanted to be friends and try being in a relationship that way. I wanted to give him space but my mom suggested that I texted Saturday because we didn’t end on bad terms. He never texted me back but he mentioned to his girl best friend that he saw my text. I was mad confused and hurt because he didn’t respond and we wasn’t on bad terms. His girl best friend said to do the no contact for 30 days but I think I’m too old to play that game. I know we both have finals coming up and I don’t want he or I to distract each other so should I text him again after finals or no? Im just so scared and need tips on how to get an ex back in a not so childish way.