Am I pregnant again already?? Help!!!

I feel silly posting this but I want some advice and help with this. I’m currently 11 weeks postpartum with my first baby. I had an unplanned c-section. My recovery has been okay though, rough at first but was healed fine by about 4-5 weeks. I started the mini-pill after my 6 week check up. I’ve tried my best to be consistent with it but I’ve messed up a few times, missing it or taking it late. It’s not the easiest for me to remember. Well.. hubby and I were using backup protection (condoms) for the first couple weeks after starting the mini pill by doctors suggestions. I ended up having my first postpartum period a week after starting and I started tracking my whole cycle. We had a slip up a couple weeks ago where the condom got stuck inside of me after we were finished. But I assumed it wouldn’t be a big deal. Then after a bit, I figured enough time had passed that we didn’t need the backup protection anymore so we’ve had sex a few times unprotected. Well, I’m due to start my next period in 4 days... BUT two days ago, I experienced some very light pink blood/discharge. I thought “okay, I’m gonna start bleeding” so I grabbed a pad and went on with my day. Later on, I realized I didn’t start bleeding like normal. It continued to be extremely light and a light pink color. The next day (today) I experienced some more but it was still a very light amount but more of a light brown color. It never once became a normal red period color or a normal amount. It’s pretty much stopped now. I’m getting concerned that this is implantion bleeding? Or spotting in early pregnancy? Or am I just being paranoid? I love being a mommy to my little man but I wasn’t planning on having another again so soon. What should I do?