Acid or what?

Nichole • Mommy to an 👼🏻 baby and to our 🌈 baby boy, Charlie 6-12-19 💙💙

So my son was told he had acid reflux since 2 weeks of age. We did the liquid form of Zantac until they prescribed omeprazole a month ago. About every 2 days his stomach will make an awful noise and then he will start screaming while spit up comes up into his throat. And either he will spit it out or swallow it. He did this last night and had the worst episode of it and screamed bloody murder for almost 10 minutes. I can’t stand this. So before I go to the pediatrician and raise so much hell, I want to know if any other mommies are experiencing this with LOs on medicine? My doctor never warned me it would continue. And I’m tired of pumping him with medicine that’s NOT working at such a young age. I’m really thinking it might be something else.