Extremely bad symptoms


I need other moms opinions on what I’m experiencing please. This may be long.

2015 I lost my girl at 19 weeks.

2016 my rainbow baby girl was born at 34 weeks we went home 2 days later everything was great with her. Born with a emergency c section.

2018 my other girl was born at 36 weeks c section everything was great but she was a twin I lost the one twin at 13 weeks and only the girl stayed behind and was born.

2019 July I had a miscarriage at about 6-7 weeks there came out 3 little sacks (thinking there was 3 baby’s I dont know)

2019 September I had a miscarriage again at 4 weeks only one sack came out.

I’m pregnant again 6 weeks and 3 days everything is going well just having some extremely bad symptoms will get to that now.

Ever since the miscarriage with the 3 sacks I’ve been dreaming of 2 baby’s that was just born and I don’t know why it’s every other night that I dream this and it’s always a boy and n girl or I think so as the one is in blue and the other in pink blankets.

I have googled it and what I could fine is that it’s a way my body is trying to tell me I have twins has anyone had this? My first ultrasound is in February next year.

My symptoms are extremely bad dizziness, frequent trips to the bathroom, extremely hungry, very very bad nausea much much worse than with my other pregnancy’s. What google could tell me is that with twins everything is double as bad, hoe true is it for it to be so bad?

The only things I can really get into my body is ice water, coke and low gi bread with bovril on it. Nothing else stays in really or it makes me feel so sick I wish I never ate it.

If anyone has any advice please I really need it I feel so sick like I have never been sick even a bug was not this bad for me this is putting me to bed everyday the past week already I can’t take care of my family nor make food or anything.

Thanks for reading and any advice is welcome I just need some advice even support would be great