Am i overreacting?

I live with my mom and my younger brother(13). My mom moved my room upstairs next to the bathroom because its the warmest room in the house. I can hear when someone flushes, takes a shower, washes their hands, etc. It doesnt bother me. Im due in a month and its cold/flu season.

Last month i noticed that whenever my brother went to the bathroom he wouldnt wash his hands after. At first I thought ok maybe im just not hearing the faucet running so i paid more attention. I could hear it when my mom turned it on. So i asked my brother if he could please wash his hands after using the bathroom, then wrote on a piece of paper that said "please wash hands after using bathroom". He still doesnt wash his hands. Ive talked to him about it and he says he will but he still wont. We just got in a fight about it because i said its gross. I do not want to get sick let alone have my son get sick because my brother is to lazy to wash his hands.

Am i overreacting about this? Ive tried being patient and ive tried reminding him to wash his hands but he wont.

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