BFP on Thanksgiving @ 8 DPO !!!


Hey ladies,

I just wanted to share my story to hopefully inspire someone. After multiple chemical pregnancies (early miscarriages), I had multiple tests done to see if there was a specific reason that I kept miscarrying. Everything came back normal except for my progesterone levels which were at a 5 (EXTREMELY low). So this cycle I started supplementing with 200 mg Progesterone capsules that I inserted vaginally every night before bed starting at 3 DPO.

Today, @ 8 DPO, I decided to take a test and low and behold I see a faint pink line that showed up immediately. Although I am nervous, I am hopeful, and nonetheless thankful.

Please keep me in your prayers & Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🧡

Baby dust to all 💕😘