My experience with getting my tubes tied... TMI pictures kinda long

BonQuiQui • 👦👧🏼😇👶

I just wanna vent right now. We don’t want any more kids, I just had my 3rd on the 14th and had the surgery done on the 15th. I didn’t think tying them was the best thing and I was wrong.

Once I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks I decided after talking to my SO that it would be best for me to get “fixed”. At 30 weeks I signed the papers, after talking to my doctor for a while about it; we are 28 had 2 kids 6 and 3.5 n this baby wasn’t planned and it literally took one time so we are done.

My SO and myself kept talking about it for the weeks to come and we kept saying it’s what’s best since we didn’t want anymore and I didn’t want the responsibility of taking BC.

When the time came I sat in the pre-op room shaking because I was scared second guessing myself on whether I really wanted it done, I was seconds away from saying I didn’t want to do it when they came in to get me so I just stayed quiet.

They laid me on a table that looked like a cross, the anesthesiologist said “you won’t need those” talking about my glasses; I take them off and handed them to my doctor. They strapped my arms, hips and feet to the table, I stared at the ceiling still debating on whether it’s want I wanted to do. My thought process switched and I started questioning why I was laying down when I was suppose to get a spinal tap.

I was about to ask when I feel my arm start to burn a lot, I ask “why is my arm burning? What is that?” I start to panic. The anesthesiologist tells me to look at the ceiling and relax, I look at my doctor and ask why my arms burning and she too tells me to relax and look at the ceiling.

Everything starts to fade, I start fighting it, panicking, I look at my doctor and say “why is my heart stopping?, doctor why is my heart stopping?” really softly, as I feel my head start to fall to the side and that’s all I remember (I want to cry typing this is was the most scariest thing I have ever been through).

I wake up in the recovery center 40 min in drugged out of my mind. I was laughing, joking I felt good, 20 min they wheel me into my room where I see my SO feeding our son. I start telling him about it and how hungry I was so he got my panda (omg it was so good I didn’t have it for months since I had GD). When the meds start to ware off I felt everything, I was in so much pain; I couldn’t stand, sleep on my side or back, pee, shower, lean forward bend, cough, sneeze, laugh, or lift my legs.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and when it was time to come home I was scared! I had to sleep sitting up in my recliner for 3 days, I couldn’t take care of my kids or NB it was left up to my SO. I felt so bad he was so sleep deprived because of it! I started regretting getting them done and started getting sad and upset. After the 3rd day of pain I rang my OB; after talking to her I found out I wasn’t taking the proper amount of meds🤦🏼‍♀️ I started taking them right and I started to feel better.

After another day I was able to start sleeping in my own bed! I was able to stand without being in so much pain.

My doctor told me to give my body 2 weeks to heal from the surgery but a month to heal from giving birth since I did the surgery right after having him they said It would take longer for me to heal but when I seen my doctor she told me just to not pick anything heavier than my son!.

It actually got worse before it got better😬, I started to feel pain again, I was passing huge clots, developed a cough and felt a ball in the stomach. My doctor told me I needed to slow down and stop doing to much, It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I feel amazing now! My wound is almost healed I can do everything I did before the surgery. Yesterday I cleaned my kids room, kitchen, living room, did 3 loads of laundry, we went to 3 different stores and out to eat.

The white is the glue she didn’t stitch me up Incase anyone’s questioning it.

^^ 2 days after it was done

^^ 1 week

^^^ 2 weeks