Sibling Rivalry part 11


1 year ago


"hey." ollie said as he walked into the kitchen after knocking he still always knocked.

"what the fuck ollie?" he had a split lip and a rapidly swelling cut under his eye. His dad was a mean bastard when he wanted to be. He shrugged and I retrieved a bag of frozen peas for his eye I didn't know what else to do other than vaguely clean up his lip clumsily (good I wasn't planning on following my mother's footsteps and becoming a doctor).

"do you think I could crash here tonight? You know just till he sobers up a bit." he was quietly begging and didn't that just break my heart.

"you don't even need to ask that . So what happened?"

"what usually happens he was pissed he saw me,"

"you've got to get out of there before he kills you."

"nah I can look after myself."

"I know you can but he keeps kicking the crap out of you. Hold still." I said holding his face in my hands cleaning the cut under his eye gently his eyes locked on mine.

"thank you." his eyes were intense,

"what for?"

"being here." I smiled,

"always." he still stared at me I wished I knew what was going on behind those beautiful green eyes but I didn't so I was just led by what I wanted as I leaned in and kissed him. This time ollie didn't even seem shocked he instantly responded to my kiss. I slid my hands into his hair holding him tightly although this wasn't nessisary as he didn't even try to move away. My heart hammered so hard in my chest I was convinced ollie would be able to hear it. His hands were tentative sliding along my arms and gripping tightly into my shoulders. I groaned as ollies tongue slipped into my mouth tasting me. That thought and sensation shot straight to my cock that was instantly rock hard practically screaming for attention. I wanted that I wanted him to touch me but I couldn't push too fast I didn't want to spook him. Ollies hands slid down my sides gripping me tightly I took a chance following ollies lead I decided to push things a little more and reached down to his groin. Ollie flinched but didn't move away and I groaned as I felt his huge erection. Ollie broke our kiss closing his eyes as he cursed quietly. I moved my hands to his waist holding him tightly and sharply yanked him to me. I pushed him back laying him down on the sofa with me laid on top of him. Our lips locked back together again. Ollies hands that rested on my waist slid around and he brushed my erection. I groaned trying to push into his hands. It wasnt just lust it was just the knowledge that it was ollie, this was something I had been dreaming about for so long. I was so desperate for him to touch me. As if reading my mind ollie began fumbling with the button of my jeans. It didn't seem like he was going to get spooked this time. Our lips stayed locked as our tongues tangled.

"seb." ollie muttered into our kiss "I need you to stop me.... Please make me stop"

"no." I moaned sliding my hands into Ollies hair still kissing him as panic rose in my chest that he was going to stop.

"I can't." he said breathily, "I can't stop myself."

"so don't." I groaned crying out as his fingers brushed my erection, that simple contact was enough to make me groan it was ollie I had wanted him for so long. Ollies hand gently trembled as he gripped my cock and began to slowly slide his trembling hand over my cock. I broke our kiss eyes closed I bit my lip.

"fuck ollie." I groaned. Ollie kept his hands moving firmly and I groaned loudly. There was a loud bang on the door.

"seb." Ella's voice cut through the air, the two of us leapt apart seb looking horrified. "keys keys keys." she muttered,

"it's OK." I whispered to ollie as we straightened ourselves up hurriedly, "she's locked out."

"fuck fuck fuck." ollie snarled as if he hadn't heard me as he pushed himself up to sitting combing his fingers through his hair. I did my jeans up and went to let Ella in.

"what the fuck did you lock the door for?" I shrugged, she walked in and beamed at ollie. And that was it as if nothing had happened.

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