Help! What is this ??

Okay so I just need some opinions please. I just got this when I wiped. My period according to the app is still 8 days away. Could this be like spotting from ovulation? (I’ve never had this) Or does this look like implantation bleeding? Or could my period be starting this early? Typically my period is always a couple days late every cycle so I find that really unlikely but I guess you never know.. I did have implantation bleeding with my first and only pregnancy (ended in a miscarriage) last year, but it has been so long now I can’t remember if this is what it looked like. I just remember thinking it was my period lol. I am not actively trying to get pregnant, but we are not preventing it either. Sorry I know this is long but please can y’all give me your opinions 😭 it’s got me a little concerned! Thank you and happy thanksgiving! ❤️