Happy thanksgiving

Cass • •Mrs. 💍 •26💕• 2/20/2011👦🏻, 12/14/17👧🏼 and baby number 3 due 2/20/2020 👶🏼

My husband and I stayed in at our house instead of deal with the stress of our families houses(it’s very crowded in small houses, my family ends up having a fight of some sort so it’s not safe going)It was my first time making thanksgiving dinner. I been in pain all day from cooking(I’m 28 weeks and tested positive for fFN, 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, got told to take it easy from doctors so this was kinda a lot on me). Anyways, we sat down to eat and he takes a bite of the turkey and all I hear is omg this is fucking amazing(which made all the pain worth the cooking for him) . He like we can do this every year and skip going to family’s houses. My daughter enjoyed her dinner. Over all just a very quiet happy thanksgiving here. Hope everyone else had a good thanksgiving