I know it's Thanksgiving and everyone's enjoying time with family, friends and good food but I'm so miserable lately, I can't see any joy in today 😔.

My husband has been very disrespectful in the last few weeks. He snaps at every little thing and even went as far as to call me stupid and told me to stfu in front of our kids. He takes everything I say as an opportunity for an argument and goes way below the belt. It's like he's in a battle and wants to win. I've started just walking away and even that's not enough.

After he goes off he'd turn around and want hugs, kisses and sex, like I'm just supposed to ignore and forget his disrespect.

Yesterday we went to his doctor appt and because I forgot some paperwork (not related to his appt) that we were going to mail out, he stopped talking and started muttering under his breath. He got lost finding the building and got even more agitated. As we found the correct place he went in to make sure. For some reason he came back to the car twice and when I asked what was up, if we still had it wrong, he snapped at me and said "nothing " and made a phone call. After he ended his call he opened the door and said "are you coming out or staying in because I have to go and we're already late". I said I'm coming and before I could touch the door handle he starts going on about me taking to long, so I said "just go in, I'll stay in the car". That apparently pissed him off even more so he turned the car off and slammed the door, walking away with the key, leaving me and the baby in the car without heat.

I eventually went in and said to him "thanks for leaving us in the cold car". His response was "well if you're acting stupid I'm not wasting time waiting for you". I just left it alone. He went on the remainder of the day acting like nothing happened and getting mad because I didn't want to have sex.

This has been our marriage for weeks, he goes off on me, then makes up in his mind then gets pissed for something or the other, then wants sex and ends the night drinking like a lush.

I'm so unhappy and find myself just wanting to be alone. I sometimes wish he'd just reveal he's seeing someone else and if not, I wish he'd find someone and just end our marriage. I don't hate him but I feel like I will if this keeps up. I've tried talking to him and all that leads to is his pointing out all I've done wrong in our 8yrs of marriage and not taking accountability for anything. It's always my fault and I find myself constantly apologizing even for walking away from altercations he seems to thrive on.

I hate to say it but I want out! 😔😭