NovaSure ablation


My doctor recommended (said I was a perfect candidate) that I have this treatment done to help with my heavy periods that last up to 19 days (although right now I’ve been bleeding for 28). I decided to try birth control pills (aka- hormone therapy). I know it can take like 2 months to really work but seriously 28 days of bleeding?! And for the last 2 weeks it’s been heavy, like only wear black pants and have a seat cover in my car kind of heavy. I’ve also had a stupid cough which doesn’t help. Not fun when you have a coughing fit while passing clots. I’m thinking of calling my dr on Monday to see if I can set up the ablation. I just don’t think I can handle having these long freaking periods anymore. I’ve been dealing with this since January. Before that I had fairly regular periods, 5-7 days long with some clotting. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. And I have 2 kids, both teenagers, so I’m not planning on ever having more.