Doing pregnancy alone


Are there any mummies out there going through pregnancy alone?

Me and my ex partner had a massive row 3 days ago, because I told him I couldn’t move closer to him, I don’t drive, I have a 3 year old daughter whose family is here and my family too, her life is here, so is her dad.

My ex started calling me a liar, untruthful and selfish, also called me a psycho all because I wouldn’t move an hour away from my family.

So I ended it with him....

He also said that he wanted an abortion, then went on to say that he would have the baby full time and I see it once a week, to which I said why on earth would I allow that to happen when you wanted it aborted.

How I’m the one that’s made out to be the basket case I don’t know, when he has said all of the above.

I’m okay doing the pregnancy alone and raising the baby too, I have supportive family and friends.

I think I’m more worried about the future, will he try to take this baby away from me? Will he make my life difficult? Will he try to control me in other ways? What happens if he tries to make me look an unfit mother? What about my first born?

I need some reassurance please guys, because my heads all over the place