Oh my god... does this look like possible implantation ?

Amy • Biz owner & teen mom of a 15 year old daughter.🤰🏻with #2, due Oct 9

I’ve been having thin whiteish watery CM since 5dpo (I usually get dry and crumbly CM between ovulation and period) and today there’s so much of it it is literally dripping (TMI sorry). I have to keep running to the restroom to wipe and finally had to throw a pantiliner in to save my undies. This NEVER happens.

All yesterday afternoon and last night I felt “zaps” of sharp pain from just below my belly button down to my cervix and it felt like it even went down to the top of my vagina.

Today I have cramping and pressure/a feeling of “fullness“ in my uterus, kind of feels like download pressure almost like AF is coming but she’s not due for 6 days and she’s never been more than a day early