Small baby


During my last appointment on Wednesday the doctor wanted to make sure my baby was head down. I got sent to do an ultrasound and it was discovered that my baby is measureing behind weight wise. I'm 38 weeks and she is only weighs 5lbs 15 oz. Now I have to go get her examed twice a week, were they basically hook me up to a machine to check her heartbeat and movement. They assured me she's healthy just tiny. I have to tomorrow for one of these exams. Also my cervix is still closed. The doctor is only going to let me go one week past my due date and that I will only get a C-section if baby is in danger. I'm so nervous and I know I shouldn't stress but I just want me baby to be okay and healthy. I'm a first time mom so I've never experienced any of this before. Has anybody ever given birth to a tiny baby? And if so did you have to stay at the hospital extra days. Any tips on how to get my cervix to open? I'm just hoping for a good delivery and a healthy baby.