Confirmed PCOS from RE


Today was our “talk” appointment to discuss our fertility plan moving forward after all of our tests. Those test included full blood panel, HSG, Sperm Analysis, and ultrasound. She stated that I had over 50 eggs just sitting which normal ovaries only have about 6-20 follicles per cycle. I also have had irregular cycles this year and she confirmed that I was not ovulating at all. So I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am happy and sad with this diagnosis. But now I know what to do to have a sweet baby of our own.

We will jumpstart my period with 10 days of progesterone. Then, do all my baseline scans once AF shows up. She will start me on Femera. Day 12 I will come in for an ultrasound to confirm I have a follicle ready and she will instruct us when to do the trigger shot with timed intercourse.

I am feeling very hopeful that this will work for us.

Has anyone had any advice or positive outcomes with this fertility plan and PCOS?