Who do you think is in the write?

I posted this before in another group but I got negative responses. Please read the back story to get the question.

My fiancé (Robbie) and I had our first child last December. We live at our local fire department. He is a volunteer fire fighter so we report to the head of the fire department. The building holds our apartment, the police station, main fire hall, dmv and court office. Our living room shares a wall with the main fire hall and the court office.

I am a stay at home mom, we have a living room that’s that barely fits a love seat. So it’s small. In the past the lady that works in the court office stated that she smelt weed. Implying that we were smoking. (Robbie works 8-5 and I was 8 months pregnant, plus I don’t smoke) So it wasn’t true. The head of the fire department has had problems with the office lady in the past.

Months later, I had my 7 or 8 month old laying in the living room playing while I was folding laundry. Laundry took was taking over my house, tiny space, baby crying, I was stressed! She had been teething and was crying on and off, talking and playing for maybe 20-40mins. I knock on my door and I found a police man at my door. He stated he had “ gotten a call about the baby crying for hours...as he walked up the stairs he could here her..maybe next time take her to the back room” but as he was talking my baby was playing and smiled at him.

He was only doing his job and trying to make everybody happy. But after he left my father called and said that he got a call from the office lady next door. (I live in a town where everyone knows everyone) She was asking about me as a mother and why the baby was crying! She called the cops to do a welfare check! I was so intimidated and embarrassed. I walked over to the head of the fire department to communicate what had happened. She empathized with me and wasn’t happy either. She stated she couldn’t here my baby. She’s just next door!

I was just trying to fold clothes. My baby was teething. We know how to be respectful of their office times. I felt so intimidated having a police officers come to my door for a welfare check!

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