Am I pregnant??? Or is it early PMS?


Hey gals!

I need some advice and peace of mind.

I've been TTC for about 3 months now. I had a stillbirth on July 25th and we decided to start trying again when the doctor gave us the green light.

My last period started on the 9th of December and ended on the 13th/14th, which is a little short for me.

I got faint lines on my ovulation tests from the 16th to the 21st (I didn't take them for about 5 days after that), which I know aren't positives, but I wasn't exactly expecting that.

I definitely felt myself ovulate on Christmas day, and got a dark positive line on my ovulation test the next day (didn't take one on Christmas, but I'm assuming it would be positive then as well).

I've been super tired and EXTREMELY moody the last few days, which isn't like me at all (I've been super irritated, annoyed, and snippy with people about things that don't usually bother me. I also sobbed at a gift my husband got... it was special but not THAT special. Those are just a couple of instances). I've also been getting headaches and not been super hungry lately. Today, I've been cramping like CRAZY, but I feel like it's way too early for that if I am pregnant, but I also don't usually have PMS symptoms this early and they typically aren't this extreme. My next period is due to arrive in over a week on the 9th of January.

Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be just super early PMS or do you think it's pregnancy symptoms? Is it possible for pregnancy symptoms show up this early? Would it be this extreme/early for twins (my dad is a twin, which is why I'm asking)?

I didn't know with my first one because we had just gotten married and weren't trying, but found out when I missed my period, so I missed a lot of those early pregnancy signs.

Help, I feel like I'm going crazy here lol

Side note, my dog has been slightly more cuddly than usual the last couple of days. He typically just does his own thing and very occasionally does he ask for snuggles. Yesterday and today he jumped up on our bed and snuggled with me without me having to coerce him. He's the one that tipped us off the first time but, like I said, we weren't paying that much attention until my missed period. Idk how he was acting when I was very first pregnant. During the rest of my pregnancy, though, he was glued to my side and super protective. It could just be that I'm reading too much into it, but it is a bit off.