Almost done ✅


GD has really been kicking my butt this pregnancy. I guess bc I got diagnosed at 11w but with my first I didn’t find out until my glucose test at around 28w

Tried so many different things but my fasting numbers were always the problem.

Started with a low dose and they kept increasing it every few days.

Every time it will increase my prescription had to be revised and if it wasn’t done correctly the pharmacy wouldn’t fill it. Insurance wouldn’t cover it. I had it set to auto fill so I wouldn’t have to keep sending a request but when I would show up to the pharmacy there would be a problem. 😔

Hours later of me waiting it will be filled. They had to call my dr and insurance and all that stuff.

Honestly it wasn’t even my drs fault i saw a diabetes consultant and she was the one not getting the correct approval paperwork in. Few weeks ago at my appointment she finally got on the phone with my insurance and got the papers filled and sent over.

And today I get a text saying my prescription is filled Finally for the first time I was able to get it auto filled with no problems!!

I only have 2w left since I’m having her at 37w

But damn took her long enough to have my stuff in order. Now that I’m about to deliver. And well I don’t have to deal with her as much bc I’m having weekly visits and so my nurse will be taking care of any problems and that may arise