I need advice


Hey Im Sofia and I need advice. I’m not gonna say my age, but I will say that my boyfriend is 2 years older than me and isn’t a virgin. I on the other hand am a virgin. I feel like i’m truly ready to have sex with him and I know I love him. But I recently found out that he had sex with his ex girlfriend in the beginning of our relationship. Me and him weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend yet but it still hurt. We talked it through and he is sincerely sorry and it was all her fault, but now I’m not sure how I feel about sex. Like I really want to but I’m feeling weird for some reason. It may be the fact that his ex girlfriend has caused a lot of drama in his life and now he carries a lot of baggage, including the fact that his step brother might have just had sex with his ex too. I want to help him out with all of his problems, but I’m not sure if having sex with him is gonna help his situation or... I just don’t know what to do in general and I feel like a mess. I love him so so much but his ex girlfriend is crazy and manipulative so I just don’t know what to do with this relationship in general. Any advice would help on anything I just said. I know it was kinda all over the place but if you had any advice please help. :))