Was my ex boyfriend abusive?

He bullied me by calling me names and making fun of me constantly to the point where I felt like shit and wanted to cry. He would tell me that I was chubby at 110 pounds. He would “joke” about me being fat, ugly, discusting, useless, a whore. He did not like me hanging out with my friends. He would become angry and ignore me for days or give me hell for tiny mistakes that I made like not responding to a text fast enough. He would critisize the way that I dressed and would say that I looked like a slut. He pressured me into sex when I was not ready and whined and bitched and complained untill I let him have his way with me. He took my virginity. He made sure to call his friends right infront of me and tell them that he deflowered me. He made me feel so terrible about my self. He would “joke” about how I had a discusting, loose, smelly, ugly vagina that looked like a clam or raw chicken. Then he wondered why I wouldnt let him eat me out. I felt like he treated me with no respect. When we first started dating he went out of his way to show me off to his friends by wanting to makeout in public which I was not ok with. He would just grab me and kiss me or smack my ass in public. He would accuse me of checking out his friends when I wasnt. He accused me of cheating one day just because a text that I sent him earlier in the day duplicated and was resent at night. He interrigated me about it. He said “You really meant to send that to someone else didnt you”. It was literally just a message that said “Im eating at captain Ds”. I became very resentful of him for all the unnecessary pain he put me through. He would call me an ungrateful lier and say that he treated me like a queen. He did nice things for me and treated me very well sometimes but it doesnt make up for all the cruel things he said. He does not know how much pain he has caused me. In his delusional brain he treated me like a goddess and I was just a crazy mean bitch (accorrding to him). I finally broke up with him after almost 2 years. He has been posting a lot of whiney posts complaining about being lonely and not getting sex. His friends have been harrassing my friend. He even sent me a text that was I never meant to hurt you im sure youve forgotten me and found another man bla bla bla. I never responded and dont want to. Its only been a month since we broke up.

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