gaining weight😢


Hey ladies. So many women always post asking questions like what should they do to lose weight. My question is any advice on how to gain weight? I do a lot of weights and drink protein shakes and it did help a bit but maybe just 5 pounds and that’s about it. If I stop working out or drinking protein shakes my weight goes down to 113 when it used to be at 125. Mental health issues caused my weight to go down to 101lbs and ever since then it’s been really hard to get it up. I’m really skinny and I’m insecure about it I’m not anorexic no offense to the ladies who are but I just I feel like I’m not a normal high school girl. My moms side of the family are thick and I didn’t really get any of that. Any suggestions? Drinks, diets? By the way I can’t have red meat because it takes me to the hospital right away. But any advice please?!