Sitter doesn't speak English

Brianna • 💑 05/15/2015 💍 👶 Elias Christopher 09/16/2019 💙

I go back to work Jan 6th. My husband and I are white and both speak only English. I decided to have my co-workers mom watch my son while I'm at work 5 days a week. He will be almost 4 months old. I'll drop him off and leave around 830am and won't pick him up until around 630pm because of traffic and what not. I'm going to get there about 30 min early so I can take him out of his car seat and breastfeed him before I go. I'm also going to bring a tote of a bunch of clothes and diapers to leave there.

We met her today and she is really nice, caring to the baby and seems like she will be a great provider the only thing is she doesn't speak any English! She speaks Vietnamese, I knew this already and think it will be fine I just need some reassurance. Anybody else have a sitter that doesn't speak English?

I will be communicating through my co-worker that speaks both languages obviously, and lives at home with her mom still. My coworker will be there in the mornings when I drop him off, but not at night when I pick him up. I will still have her mom's number just in case of emergency I told her she can still always call me or text me and I can come get him any time. So she will be able to at least communicate that.