Should I take laxatives TMI

Yesterday I had some major trouble with being constipated. Well, I hadn’t pooped in 3 days (I didn’t realize that I hadn’t pooped until I was hurting. It got real bad and I thought oh wow I don’t recall pooping since 3 days ago) and I had severe pain so I took a stool softener and had bad diarrhea one time. That’s it, that’s the only time I pooped but I finally felt relief and went to sleep, then I got up a few times out of a dead sleep and ran to the bathroom trying to go and I couldn’t go. I’m having the same pains tonight that I had last night and urges to poop but I can’t. Clearly, I still need to empty my bowels and can’t decide if I need to take laxatives or another stool softener. Any help is appreciated as I’m actually in agony with stomach pain right now.