Did I Over Exaggerate **Last Update**

So my SO came down to see me last night but I was still getting my hair done so he stopped by the hair shop to get my key.. Long story short after I got down I called him to come open the door for my son and I he never answered so I goes to knock on the door no answer. I literally knocked on my door like the Police over 30mins called him over 30 something times still no answer. I decided to go to my mines when I get half way he calls talking about I'm sorry I dozed off. By then I was pissed told him to leave by the time I get there he better be gone. May I add I'm pregnant had to pee really really bad to the point I was shaking, I had my 5yr old son who keep saying he was sleepy and ready to lay down and my hands was full of stuff. When I got back he was gone but left my door wide open haven't talked since cause he blocked me but its like dude I'm freaking pregnant with your baby.

**UPDATE: To the people who saying get over myself I absolutely will not especially when it involves my child. Need I remind y'all it was going on 12 o'clock in the morning it was raining and cold I started calling him at 12:09 he didn't respond back until 12:57 and I had to work in the morning but thanks for your advice. I was going to apologize for making him drive all the way back home that late but like I said he has since blocked me from his phone and Fb so whatever.

**Last Update: How slow are you people really to think I just got up and said its 12 let me go get my hair done. I left to get my hair done after my son basketball practice which was @7 when I got there she was clearly on some little girl head doing box braids and this child was being difficult and would never hold her head right if I knew that I couldve sent my son with his Gigi who was at his practice with us but didnt think it was going to take that long. As for him I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have dozed off he wouldn't been freaking high I know this man and I know how late he stays up playing that stupid game so therefore y'all can shut up like I just kept my son out late just because and he the reason why I was out getting my hair done because we had couple pics this morning other than that I didnt care about getting my hair done.

Yes @H I live in the USA and when he came and got the key did tell him my son wanted to go to the house with him but he said he wanted to go smoke.

YET I STILL DON'T GIVE AF... Yes I asked and I thank everyone for their opinions cause that's just what it is because reality you don't know me... Now about to enjoy my gender reveal and the rest of my day. God Bless You All 😘