Help I’m bleeding and I don’t know why!

Okay ladies I’m gonna try to make this short and sweet. NYE day (Jan 1) around 3am I did some “fun adult things” aka popping x, and y.  Is stayed up the entire night until the next day around 4pm the night day I went to sleep for the entire day. I I woke up and on Thursday morning.
It’s time for me to take my BC. To my dismay I missed Wednesday’s pill. So I ended up taking  both  my Wednesday and Thursday pull at once. And then this morning (Friday) as also was a bit of a blur. I cannot remember if I took my pill silly as it sounds. But the pill for Friday was empty. So I assumed I didn’t take it. But I didn’t take it yet because my
BC alarm hasn’t gone off. Anyways I get to work and I throw up! Again I can’t recall if I took this Friday pill even at all today. So incase I did or didn’t I took my tomorrow
Pill aka Saturday just incase I took it and throw it up. Now I’m starting to spot. I’m so nervous and pissed at myself. It’s also too late to call my doctor