Low estrogen & vitex


Hi all,

Since my last miscarriage my doc til me to take Agnus Castus which I have now since Oct. After the loss my cycles were very short & I bled the only 2 days. Now my cycles are 30 days but I still only bleed for 2 days.

I went to the doc yesterday & she did a scan & confirmed my lining is way too thin. She is sending me for a full blood work. My hormones I believe have been unbalanced all my life. Anyway this month I’ve discovered I haven’t ovulated - I did for the previous months & I’m afraid reading some things that the Agnus Castus could be the cause?? She told me to keep taking it yesterday but I can’t get this thought out my head that it could be messing with my estrogen level? Or is it just me & my hormones.

Any advice would be much appreciated x