Miscarriage ?


My period was 1 week late and today it came out, crazy cramps and all. I noticed tissue like deposits on my pant, tampon and in the toilet when I went to change. I heard rough sex could cause a miscarriage and I had that two days ago. I want to know if any one has experienced this and it’s normal with period or if it’s a miscarriage, cause this is my first time experiencing this. Have seen blot cloth but not this

There was a lot of this in the toilet and on my tampon, it was the little one I could get hold of and take a video of.

Update: my period has almost stopped, I don’t know why being that I started yesterday. I normally fill up 1 S+ tampon in an 1hour but from 9pm last night till 9am this morning(have changed twice) and only a little blood on the tampons. It’s the weekend and I can’t see a doctor yet, I’m low key freaking out cause this is really abnormal compared to my normal period.

I normally last for 3 days and my flow is heavy up until day 3 morning, but this time from night 1 it has drastically reduced.