Signs from the universe


So no joke...I was picking up some items from walmart and I was a day late for my period, so I snagged those cheap 88 cent pregnancy tests. I checked out at the self checkout and noticed when I scanned the tests, it literally said "preg cass" and my name is Cassie. I look at the receipt when I'm done and it says the same. So, I'm like THIS IS IT! With my period being late and THAT on the receipt, I was so sure this month was it! My period continued to be late up to 14 days, but I tested so many times and no positives. Then on the 14th day, my period started. I am trying my best to not be completely mad at the universe right now and to know that there is a divine timing for everything but I just kinda want to scream!!

But I am trying to look on the positive side and just trust in God that there is going to be a bright side to this!