boyfriend ??

so my bf has hard drives and he always takes them w him to the bathroom & they have Passwords he told me he was looking at movies to download but couldn’t tell me which movies when i asked and then this time he was on it right after we had sex which he didn’t seem into at all and it lasted like .5 seconds bc i pretended to get off bc i could tell he wasn’t into it anyway he def just sent himself something from his hard drive & then went to the bathroom telling me he had to “poop” weird thing is he took a blanket in there with him and last time i went potty after him when he did this he def wasn’t “pooping” & there was a towell on the floor.... it’s sketchy and idk what to do. maybe i’m invading privacy maybe i’m overthinking but something feels off. we used to bang out like freaks now we’re barely having sex

also he might have a porn addiction but why would he keep it on hard drives and send it to himself he’s hiding something & for some reason i think it’s his ex’s nudes & old videos they prob made which in my eyes isn’t ok