Giving stuff back to ex

My ex cheated on me and got another girl pregnant while we were together. I allowed him to love with me till he found a place. He then moved out to his moms for a year so he didn’t really take much with him.

Two and a half years later, he texted me saying he wants some things back. We have a son together so he wants our sons toddler bed that he outgrew. My newest son who I had with my current bf sleeps in the toddler bed he wants back. He also wants back his smoke detectors that were $100 a piece. He threw away the old ones so I would have to buy all new ones. He wants his stove back as well. He also wants back all of our sons clothes cause he knows I’m going to just give them to my youngest. It’s honestly going to be hard so fed up what I bought and he bought for clothes 4-5 years ago.....Some of the things we paid 50/50 for. Does anyone know the laws to this? He might have the receipt for the stove but I did pay half but I know there is no way to prove it. He can take it if he wants but why now, 2.5 years later.... ugh