6-7 Month Old Doesn’t Roll Over...

My son never enjoyed tummy time. He’d do it, for approximately 5-15 minutes, depending on his mood and then gets upset and whines/cries.

He knows how to sit on his own.

He has balance and strength.

When on his back, he doesn’t roll over to his stomach. I’ve tried helping him by pulling the blanket underneath him to have him go onto his sides, but he shifts his weight to where he refuses to roll over. I would use my hands to help him go onto his sides, but again, he kicks his free leg to force his body to stay on his back.

When on his stomach, he just lifts his upper body up, looks around (sometimes at me as if I committed a crime), would look at his hands as he opens and close them repeatedly, eventually, just gets pissed off. He doesn’t roll over to his back to get more comfortable. I’ve tried teaching him, visually and physically.

Maybe he just isn’t ready, I am not sure, or maybe I’m doing something wrong..