My stubborn baby wouldn’t show us HIS bits 🙈

Ewelina • 29 | IVF ICSI | Rainbow born June ‘20

I had a private gender scan yesterday and oh my God, after 15 minutes of not getting any good pictures I really thought we were gonna leave with nothing. I was ready to cry, I’d been so looking forward to finding out. Baby was in this position most of the time, with his little legs crossed over his bum plus the cord between his legs 😅 He loves sleeping on his tummy just like his mum 😩 It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I’m so in love. So after what felt like forever, the tech told me to stand up, jump around a little bit and have a fizzy drink, which did the trick! When she said we’re having a boy I could not believe it. I was SO sure we were having a girl! I just felt it’s gonna be a girl. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest, I’ve always wanted a little boy first, I was just pissed that my “intuition” was SO off 🤣 Anyone know what I’m talking about?? I was literally in Asda looking at girly flowery clothes the day before, thinking about what I’m gonna get haha. Oh well, bring on the dinosaurs, my husband is absolutely loving this 💙