Baby names anyone?! 😍

Taylor • Momma to Princess Freya 💕 07/22/2020

We have a girls name set in stone, we both loved it before getting pregnant and it’s stuck so far!! But we suck at finding a boys name! My fiancée wants his dads name as the middle name and I love his reason and his love for his dad, but I friggin hate the name... I also really don’t like naming after family because half the time someone gets butt hurt they weren’t the chosen person. (Slightly petty fam on my side)

His dads name is Terry, every boy name we’ve paired it with I hate how it sounds. But he doesn’t want to compromise with 2 middle names to break it up.

The other day I came up with Fox Patrick. Patrick was his grandpas name and also what his middle shouldve been (his parents ended up not giving him or his brother middle names but Patrick was his mommas choice for him). We both love the name and it fits everything we both wanted in a name. But he said he has to name the first boy after his dad....

So anyone know any different/unusual but still nice names that go with Terry?? Cause I’m at a loss.

Some names we liked so far are Ezra, atlas, Silas and Alistair!

Baby girl name is Freya Adeline !