Why are woman put under so much pressure to look good?!


As much as I ask this and tell others not to focus on anyone else I am GUILTY of putting myself down comparing myself to others...

“ this girl I know is only a week behind you and her bump is so small compared to yours”

“2 days after birth I fit straight back into my size 8 jeans”

awesome!! If I can fit into my jeans that quickly I wouldn’t complain but I am under NO pressure to force myself into them

I struggled TTC for almost 2 years and I’m not spending any more time putting myself down for the way my body is changing...

Yeah I could do more exercise but I’m TIRED

Yeah I could eat better and cut out sugary drinks but certain foods and drinks still make me feel sick

I’m doing the best I can for my changing body and I will go at MY own pace after labour to get my body to where I want it to be.

It takes MONTHS for your body to adjust and change for your baby so expect it to take just as long to go back, it’s normal and amazing what are bodies are doing 😍

If Anyone is feeling pressured, please remember.. we are all different and it’s okay.

I’m 5”2 and 26 weeks pregnant and I feel like a potato... sometimes a whale

But I LOVE my pregnant bod 💓

I felt the need to write this because my appearance has been taking over my mind for a long time, I think about how much weight put on 99.9% of the time, checking for a double chin... checking for a excess skin, stretch marks... the lot!!

And today I just stopped and only paid attention to my bump and thought oh my goodness!!

This is all for you baby boy & i no longer see flaws, I see a pregnant gal doing what she needs to do to meet you 🥰

I really hope this helps anyone struggling with the changes happening to our bodies

We are all b e a utitful